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Type 33C
10-32 Threaded ends Type 33C 10-32 Threaded End Cable

Type 43BC
1/4-28 Threaded ends Type 43BC 1/4-28 Threaded End Cable

Type 43C
1/4 -28 Threaded ends Type 43C 1/4-28 Threaded End Cable

ufc8x 5ft

ufc8x 6ft

ufc8x 8ft

ufc8x 9ft

ufc8x 10ft

ufc8x 11ft

ufc8x 12ft

ufc8x 13ft

ufc8x 14ft

ufc8x 15ft

ufc8x 16ft

ufc8x 17ft


ufc23BC 6ft

ufc23BC 7ft

ufc23BC 8ft

ufc23BC 9ft

ufc23BC 10ft

ufc23BC 11ft

ufc23BC 12ft

ufc23BC 13ft

ufc23BC 14ft

ufc23BC 15ft

ufc23BC 16ft

ufc23BC 17ft

With Jam nuts on one end
of cable housing


ufc22x 6ft

ufc22x 7ft

ufc22x 8ft

ufc22x 9ft

ufc22x 10ft

ufc22x 11ft

ufc22x 12ft

ufc22x 13ft

ufc22x 14ft

ufc22x 15ft

ufc22x 16ft

ufc22x 17ft




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